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Hanging Out

Hanging Out

Hanging Out


42.5" w x 52.25" L


This quilted wallhanging started out as being a white Silk Hobatai 16 mm fabric. I hand painted the design using Jacquard Red Label dyes and steam set to permanently set the colors. This design was an original piece of art work from JODY BERGSMA collection. She paints amazing work using watercolor. I wrote her to get permission to use her photo and she gladly gave me consent. I changed it up a bit to suit my needs. This project was so much fun to do. When I start a project I like to always paint the eyes and facial features first so that they come to life for me.

Three little sea otters floating on their backs. Glaciers in the background and seagrass below the water.

The real challenge was quilting the "fur" for the sea otters. I used various thread weights to create the dimension. I use Silk 100 weight thread from Superior Threads when I quilt a silk quilt. The quilting is really close together but I like to create detail in my work.

This quilt was a finalist in the Houston International Quilt Show in November 2015.

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