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Oscar the Great

Oscar the Great

78" w x 40" L


This quilted wall hanging was inspired by a photo that was taken by OSCAR NUNEZ PHOTOGRAPHY. The photographer has a passion for wildlife photography. This tri-colored heron was photographed in southern Florida in the Big Cypress National Perserve. He was able to capture this wonderful photo because the heron was so engrossed in fishing.

Karen Sistek of Port Angeles, WA is one of the best silk painters in the world. She and I met 3 years ago when I took a silk painting class with her in her studio. I go out each year and spend an intense week with her. She painted this heron scene from a photo that we used with permission from Oscar Nunez. She used Silk Habotai 16 mm fabric and painted the entire scene onto the fabric. After steam setting, she sent it to me to quilt. When I quilt on silk fabric I prefer to use silk thread. The batting is Hobbs wool and backing consist of a layer of commercial fabric and an additional layer of light weight upholstery fabric to give it "weight". I have found that since the quilted wall hanging is silk, it needs the additional weight to hang well in a show. This was a large piece to quilt but it was one of the most fun projects I have ever done. There are some areas on the quilt where the water "glistens" in the sun so I chose to use a holographic tensel thread for the shimmer.

One of the first things a person asks when they see one of my quilts or wall hangings is "how long does it take you" or "how many hours"? Maybe one day I will actually take the time and log in the amount of time I spend of a piece. But then again, maybe not. I would probably not want to know just how many hours I have in it. But I enjoy the process and find that quilting is peaceful.

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