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Ricky and Lucy

Ricky and Lucy

66" w x 50" L




The inspiration for this quilted wall hanging were various photos taken of parrots. Karen Sistek of Port Angeles, WA, hand painted these parrots onto silk Habotai 16 mm silk fabric using Jacquard Red Label dyes. After steam setting the dyes, she sent the piece to me to quilt. My mission...was to quilt it to make it look realistic. With a magnifying glass I studied how the feathers actually look on the parrots. After a lot of time quilting each and every feather, I was pleased with the over all appearance. Next decision...how was I going to quilt the black background? Parrots are more known to be in a tropical environment so I quilted in various tropical leaf designs...there's even a banana tree in there!

This quilt was a finalist in the American Quilt Show in Paducah, KY in 2015.

It won the BEST HOME MACHINE WORKMANSHIP AWARD sponsored by BERNINA of AMERICA. This was a purchase award from the NATIONAL QUILT MUSEUM and is part of their permanent collection.

The quilt has been featured in several magazines and books in 2015.


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